humphrey campbell
Humphrey Campbell

Humphrey Campbell (66) has passed away

Humphrey Campbell has passed away at the age of 66 due to cancer.

The singer represented the Netherlands in 1992, along with his brothers Ben and Carlo, at the Eurovision Song Contest with “Wijs Me De Weg” where he finished ninth. Ruth Jacott was among the backing vocalists at the time. A year later, the roles were reversed, with Campbell serving as a backing vocalist for Ruth Jacott, who finished sixth with “Vrede”. Last week, it was already known that the singer was seriously ill.

In the years following the song contest, he focused on producing and writing for other artists. A few years after the contest, he continued with his brothers Carlo and Charles under the name CC Campbell. He was supposed to go on tour solo next year, but due to his illness, it was announced last week that the tour would not proceed.

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