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Eurovision 2023 – Moldova – Pasha Parfeni – Soarele şi Luna

This year, the Moldovan selection was mainly a reunion of former contestants who were also connected to each other.

Aliona Moon (ESC ’13) came third, SunStroke Project (ESC ’10 and ’17) came second, but the victory went to the Moldovan representative of 2012, Pasha Parfeni. He will also meet Loreen in Liverpool, who won in Baku in the same year.

Parfeni comes from a musical family with a mother who is a piano teacher and a father who is a guitarist and singer. He participated in various music festivals both in Moldova and abroad. He became known as the lead singer of SunStroke Project. In 2009, the band came third in the Moldovan pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “No Crime”. In the fall of 2009, Parfeni and SunStroke Project parted ways. In 2010, they met again during the Moldovan pre-selection, with Pasha coming in second and SunStroke Project taking home the victory.

After coming third in 2011, Pasha finally succeeded in 2012. He finished eleventh in Baku with “Lăutar”. A year later, he co-wrote “O Mie” with his wife, which Aliona Moon, one of his former backings in 2012, took to Malmö. Parfeni himself took his place behind the piano and saw her finish eleventh as well. In the following years, he continued to participate in the national selection as a composer or singer. He even came second in 2020.

Together with his wife Yuliana, he wrote “Soarele și Luna”, which won the national final in early March.

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