February 29, 2024

Eurovision 2023 Armenia: Brunette – Future lover

Armenia has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2006, with a 4th place as their highest position in 2008.

Last year, Rosa Linn only finished 20th with ‘Snap’, but a few months after the song contest, she did score a worldwide hit with Armenia’s 2022 entry. This year, the 21-year-old Brunette will represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

Brunette wrote her first song at the age of 15 and released her debut single ‘Love The Way You Feel’ at the age of 18. She then followed up with a number of songs that received a lot of attention in her home country. The singer is also a member of the girl group En Aghjiknery and performs with the band Project12. This coming Saturday, the singer will be performing at AFAS Live in Amsterdam during Eurovision in Concert 2023.