eurovision ireland 2022 brooke scrullion photo RTE
Brooke Scrullion (Photo RTE)
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Brooke Scrullion to Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland

Ireland has chosen the song for Turin tonight in a special edition of the Late Late Show. Brooke Scrullion won the national final with the song That’s Rich, which she wrote with Karl Zine and Izzy Warner. The song was the favorite with the international jury and with the televoters. Brendan Murray, who still represented Ireland in Kiev in 2017, finished last.

It is the first time since 2015 that Ireland has selected the entry via a national final again. Ireland is the record holder with seven wins, but in recent years there has been less success. Brooke Scrullion will perform in the second semi final.

The Eurovision song for Ireland this year.


  1. Brooke Scrullion – That’s Rich
  2. Miles Graham – Yeah We’re Gonna Get Out of It
  3. Janet Grogan – Ashes of Yesterday
  4. Patrick O’Sullivan – One Night, One Kiss, One Promise
  5. Rachel Goode – I’m Loving Me
  6. Brendan Murray – Real Love
eurovision ireland 2022 brooke scrullion
Brooke Scrullion

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