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Lesley Roy (Photo: EBU / Ruth Medjber)
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Ireland will choose the entry for Eurovision tonight

Who will succeed Lesley Roy?

Ireland chooses the song for Turin on the Late Late Show tonight. It is the first time since 2015 that Ireland chooses the entry again via a TV show.

Ireland is the record holder with seven wins, but in recent years there has been less success. The last seven editions have only reached the final once. The show can be seen on RTE One and RTE Player from 22.35 CET. Among the six candidates tonight is Brendan Murray who represented Ireland in 2017 in Kiev with ‘Dying To Try’. He got stuck in the semifinals.

One of the following artists will get the trophy to Turin:

  1. Patrick O’Sullivan – One Night, One Kiss, One Promise
  2. Janet Grogan – Ashes of Yesterday
  3. Brendan Murray – Real Love
  4. Miles Graham – Yeah We’re Gonna Get out of It
  5. Rachel Goode – I’m Loving Me
  6. Brooke Scrullion – That’s Rich

You can watch the show here: RTE Player

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