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Malta starts search for Liverpool

Malta kicks off tonight with the first of three preliminary rounds in which a total of 40 songs will participate. A semifinal will follow later and on Saturday 11 February we will know who will represent Malta in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. In the first show we see Fabrizio Faniello, among others. He came 9th in Copenhagen in 2001 with ‘Another Summer Night’ and five years later in Athens he had to settle for a last place with ‘I Do’. Eliana Gomez Blanco represented Malta at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 and is now attempting to represent her country in Liverpool. Ryan and Josmar present the show that starts at 9 pm and can be followed live here.

Haley- “Tik Tok” (Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
Aidan – “Reġina” (Aidan Cassar, Boban Apostolov)
Christian Arding – “Eku ċar” (Jan van Dijck, Emil Calleja Bayliss)
Clintess – “Lura qatt” (Dominic Cini, Etienne Micallef)
Eliana Gomez Blanco – “Guess What” (Ray Agius, Alfred C. Sant)
Fabrizio Faniello – “Try to Be Better” (Johan Bejerholm)
Geo Debono – “The Mirror” (Daniele Moretti, Natasha Turner, Niall Mooney)
Jason Scerri – “Anything Can Happen” (Jason Scerri)
Klinsmann – “Piranha” (Mats Ygfors, Robin Svensson, Magdalena Ohlin, Gerard James Borg)
Maria Debono – “X’allegrija” (Cyprian Cassar, Muxu, Maria Debono)
Mikhail -“Leħen fiċ-ċpar” (Cyprian Cassar, Cliff Casha)
Nathan – “Creeping Walls” (Dominic Cini, Jonas Gladnikff, Emil Calleja Bayliss)
Stefan Xuereb – “What Do You Want?” (Richard Micallef, Aidan O’Connor)

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