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Eurovision 2024: Semi-Final allocation draw unveils performance slots

Eurovision 2024 is becoming increasingly tangible. Tonight, on Tuesday, January 30th, the Semi-Final Allocation Draw will be held live from the host city of Malmö. The broadcast kicks off at 19:00 CET.

The allocation draw will be livestreamed on both the official Eurovision YouTube channel and SVT Play. British viewers can catch the replay starting at midnight local time on the BBC iPlayer. Below, we’ve embedded the YouTube livestream for your convenience.

All 37 participating countries will be involved, with the 31 semi-finalists discovering their performance slot — either in Semi-Final 1 or Semi-Final 2. Additionally, they will be randomly assigned to perform in the first or second half of their respective semi-finals. The final running order will be determined by producers at a later stage, once the songs are known and some staging plans are in place. This flexibility allows for the creation of the most engaging running order possible for viewers.

The remaining six countries (hosts Sweden, along with the Big 5: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom) will learn which semi-final they will vote in.

The broadcast will also feature a pre-recorded segment explaining the significance of the semi-finals, particularly for first-time or casual viewers who may not be familiar with the format.

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