EBU launches new Eurovision Song Contest voting system

EBU launches new Eurovision Song Contest voting system

The EBU has announced that the results of the Eurovision Song Contest will be determined differently from 2023. For example, only the televoters in the semi-final determine the 10 finalists for the final and in the final, in addition to a jury, there will also be an opportunity for non-participating countries to vote online.

The countries that qualify from the two semi-finals, 10 from each, will now be determined solely on the basis of viewer votes, rather than a combination of jury and public votes as has been the case since 2009. And for the first time, viewers in non-competition countries can also vote for their favorite songs online. These votes are added together and converted into points that have the same weight as one participating country in both the semi-final and grand final.

In recent years this would have meant the following: in 2018 Greece and Poland would have qualified at the expense of Albania and the Netherlands. In 2019, Poland and Lithuania would have been in the final at the expense of Belarus and Denmark. In 2021 it was Croatia and Denmark who would have made it through the televote and we would not have seen Albania and Belgium in the final. This year, Azerbaijan and Switzerland would not have made it to the final, but Cyprus and Albania would.

Martin Österdahl (Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest): “During its 67-year history, the Eurovision Song Contest has constantly evolved to remain relevant and exciting. These changes recognize the show’s immense popularity by empowering the audience of the world’s largest live music event. In 2023, only the viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest will decide which countries make it to the grand final and, given the global impact of the event, anyone watching the show, anywhere in the world, will be able to vote for their favorite songs.

By also involving juries of music professionals in determining the final result, all songs in the Grand Final can be judged on the broadest possible criteria. We can also continue the tradition of traveling across Europe and Australia to collect points and ensure an exciting voting sequence where the winner is not announced until the end of the show.”